The CRUI aims to examine and analyse in depth the questions and issues of interest to the university world in order to analyse and assess the results of, and feedback from, educational, training and research projects and processes.

In particular the CRUI seeks to be:

  • An instrument for direction and co-ordination in relation to autonomous universities;
  • A privileged place for the experimentation of models and methods to be transferred to the university system;
  • A modern centre of services available to universities;

Its institutional objectives aim to

knowledge, experiences and information on the university world, culture, production and the various aspects of civil society, making them available to the entire university system;

on-going information, data and analysis on the university system. It also assures a constant monitoring of the needs of a university system that is in continual evolution;

to information needs connected with universities at a national and international level;

the strategic planning of the future activities of the Italian universities.

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