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UniSmartItaly. Study and work with Italy

Vietnam | 2021, April 16th – 24th


UniSmartItaly is a virtual fair presenting the Italian academic system in synergy with the business system, especially with Italian companies in Vietnam. It is organized by the Conference of Italian University Rectors-CRUI and the Italian Trade Agency-ICE, with the support of the Embassy of Italy in Vietnam and Uni-Italia, the association promoting the Italian Higher Education abroad.

Through plenary sessions, thematic sessions and online B2B meetings, the participating Italian universities and companies offer visitors - students, parents, Vietnamese high schools, Vietnamese universities, Vietnamese companies interested in Italy - the opportunity to:
  • get to know the Italian higher education system as an integrated scientific-entrepreneurial system and its opportunities for Vietnamese students;
  • identify the right motivation to study in Italy;
  • understand the added value of the connections between universities and the Italian productive world.
UniSmartItaly represents a unique opportunity to:
  • welcome new Vietnamese students to Italian universities, offering internship opportunities in Italian companies;
  • establish or strengthen new relationships between all participating universities and companies.



Our Documents

  • Study in Italy: rooted in the past, shaping the future [video]
    Are you looking for a place to study abroad? Italy is definitely the right choice. Here’s why. Italian Universities do not surrender. We innovate. In spring 2020 we moved online with ….
  • KnowIT
    Brochure on the Italian HE system.  
    Italian Higher Education Institutions have welcomed foreign students and researchers for centuries. The friendliness of the people is matched by Italy’s pleasant climate and excellent food. Italy is the 10th destination in the global flow of higher-education students (UNESCO).
  • The beauty of Italy and its quality of life
    Universities work in close contact with the cities and regions in which they are located
    They make the educational offer more competitive by providing skills that are in demand, so as to increase the attractiveness of the area for international students and researchers. Their proposals respond to the needs of specific territories such as cities rich in cultural heritage, smaller centres with a high quality of life, research-intensive technological centres.
  • Ranking and Excellence
    The Italian University system is at the same time inclusive and very high quality
    Based on a long-standing tradition dating back to the 11th century, with the oldest University in Europe, Italian Universities kept high-quality standards throughout their history. Considered as a group, they are ranked 3rd (according to Times Higher Education) or 4th (according to QS) worldwide in terms of number of universities in the top 500 …
  • How Italian Universities reacted to COVID-19
    Online education and support to research work and services against Covid-1
    Italy was the first EU member state to order closure of all schools and higher education institutions, before the entire country was placed under lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Starting from the beginning of March, Italian Universities reacted quickly to a critical and unprecedented situation …
  • The CRUI Working Group on international rankings: activities and results
    Italian Universities in international rankings
    The Working Group collected the data that participants provided to leading rankings agencies; the most common ways of aggregating data were identified as well as the most common misinterpretations of the definitions given in the agencies’ own guidelines.

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