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A strong Institutional role
The CRUI engages in the provision of proposals, consultation, and co-ordination in relation to the key questions and issues of the university system. It is a leading point of reference as regards the questions and needs of the academic world as a whole for the Italian Parliament and the Ministry of University and Research.

A new university system
The CRUI develops and supports the model of autonomous universities established by the Italian Parliament and together with other European partners, within the framework of the commitments understaken by Italy on an international level, it is working to build the European Higher Education and Research Area.

Innovative models and methods
Given its acknowledged skills and expertise, the CRUI, thanks to the close integration with CRUI Foundation, develops and organises innovative initiatives and projects for universities; experiments with new models and methodologies that can be adopted by unversities; promotes and engages in communication within the university system.

CRUI - Conferenza dei Rettori delle Università italiane
Piazza Rondanini, 48 - 00186 Roma - segreteria@crui.it - segreteria.crui@pec.it - Tel. +39 06 684411