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IULM, University of Language and Communication, is a university founded in Milan in 1968. IULM is the first and unique university specifically dedicated to all the aspects of communications. It acts as a link between the academic and entrepreneurial world, promoting a strong integration of education and professional training.

The mission of IULM University is to create challenging professionals, able operators in international backgrounds and markets, students fully qualified in business communication and foreign languages. The University promotes training and research following the stimulating directions suggested by the national and international economic system, keeping a role of motivating force in the cultural integration process in Europe and worldwide. The fields of excellence and high specialisation are: consumer and services research, business communication and ICT, tourism, fashion, cultural heritage and its exploitation, foreign languages for business, economics, marketing and distribution.


IULM University offers five Master’s degrees lasting one year, some of them dedicated to tourism, arts, Made in Italy products, Italian design and fashion. The Master’s degrees offered in 2004/05 are specifically: Management of the Made in Italy ; Consumption and Communication of Fashion, Design and Luxury Goods; Travel and Tourism Management; Literary and Technical-Scientific Translation. 
Master’s degrees at IULM offer to graduates the chance to integrate cultural and professional education with the learning of specific skills for a sector, activity or managerial role. Each programme is open to 30-50 students and offers them a strong link with companies and organisations that represent their field and career opportunities. 
Within the postgraduate offer IULM organises refresher courses ‘Post-Experience’ for the improvement and specialisation of professionals. Some examples of those courses are: “The Quality Manager: Management and Communication of Quality”; “Corporate Public Relations”; “Training Processes, Organisational and Relational Development”. 


As of 2002, IULM University offers a Master’s Degree specifically designed to prepare Italian graduates to the economic and cultural interaction with China . This postgraduate course in “Language and Communication for Companies Operating in China” – starting its fourth edition – is built on the one hand from courses pertaining to the linguistic, cultural and institutional area, on the other hand from courses pertaining to the areas of communication and international economics. The programme consists of lessons and a business placement in Italian companies operating in China and with China . Students are preferably selected among those already knowing Chinese language. Most of the students of the previous editions found a job in the companies where they got the placement or in other good companies interacting with China .  
IULM University is also working on a project for a new Master’s Degree designed for Chinese graduates, who will work in the framework of economic and cultural relations between Italy and China . Using the structure of the Master’s degree already existing for Italian students, the one year programme aims to equip graduates with the knowledge of business communication and of the functioning of enterprises, analysing also the cultural, social and institutional framework in which they operate. Lessons will be taken in Italian and/or English. 


The two campuses of Milano and Feltre (near Belluno) have almost 10000 enrolled students. Two Faculties provide five bachelor’s degree courses: “Interpreting and Communication” and “Communication and Management in the Culture and Arts Markets” within the Faculty of Modern Languages, Literature and Culture; “Public Relations and Advertising”, “Communication Sciences and Technologies” and “Travel and Tourism: Management, Cultures and Territory” within the Faculty of Communication and Performing Arts.  
Students wishing to continue their education can chose, alternatively to a Master’s degree, a Higher degree that lasts two years and gives access to a PhD. IULM offers four Higher degree programmes: “Brands and Consumers – Communication and Strategies”, “Consumer Trends, Trade and Business Communication”, “Heritage and Cultural Events: Strategies, Management and Communication”, “Television, Cinema and Multimedia Production”. 


Professors and professionals teaching at IULM are always involved in research activities, within various strategic fields. In particular research is focused in the areas of excellence of IULM University : consumer studies, business communication and ICT, tourism, fashion, cultural heritage, foreign languages for business, economics and marketing. Research at IULM consists of projects funded by the university itself and of special projects funded by private and public bodies.